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     We are very proud of the amount and variety of material that we can present to our clients. Our song list includes over 500 selections with a tremendous range of styles. Because of the size of this list we have developed a web page that is very user-friendly to our clients and other viewers.

     One can search for songs by title or artist. Just fill in the box and click "SEARCH"! You can also print out the list in print-friendly black and white by clicking the print box.

     One can also search by style, era or dance event suggestions. Just check in the boxes next to the style, era or dance event that you are interested in and click. But we can be even more specific than that if we want!

     For instance, let's say that you are planning a theme party that requires your band to have a few 80's rock selections. Just check the box in the STYLES row next to Rock and then check the box in the ERAS row next to 1980s. This should return to you a list of CtB selections that you may want to consider for your party.

     How about, for instance, if a bride wants to find a BRIDE-FATHER dance for her and her father. She knows that he loves music from the 1950s and 1960s, so she can check the boxes next to 1950s AND 1960s, while checking the box in the DANCE EVENT SUGGESTIONS row next to BRIDE-FATHER DANCE. Hopefully she will find some selections on the resulting list that will make her and her Dad happy! And please always remember to clear the previous search before starting another one!

     Remember that CtB is always learning new songs that will be added to the list. In the meantime, feel free to browse and have some fun! If you see the speaker icon - simply click to hear a short clip of a "Cheers the Band" studio or live performance of that song.

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